“Growing up, I helped take care of my grandma,” Rosemary, a receptionist at Atria Evergreen Valley in San Jose, California, told us about what brought her to a career in senior living. “I always knew I wanted to help people in need and dreamed of being a nurse that worked with older adults.” She knew that she would need a job that would help her grow her skills and pay for school. When she was driving past a different Atria community, she saw they were hiring and felt it called her to apply.

At her interview, the Executive Director of the other community saw her potential and directed her to the Atria Evergreen Valley location that had a receptionist job available. “I’m forever thankful for this opportunity,” she told us. “Working with Atria has changed my life. It makes me so happy when I drive home, knowing I was able to make a change in someone’s day, either by helping them, making them laugh or just listening to them.”

A Day in the Life

“My typical day starts with a smile and ends with a smile,” Rosemary told us. She enjoys helping residents with gathering their mail and packages, getting their meals in the dining room and finding joy however she’s able. Every community thrives with someone as bright as Rosemary manning the reception desk, greeting present and future residents and families, and being the outward face of the community. Residents show appreciation for Rosemary’s bright demeanor by bringing her cards, flowers and other displays of affection. Her managers cannot say enough good things about Rosemary’s ability to make others smile. She even helps with tours to show off her favorite aspects of the community and make introductions with other residents. “I know they’re going to love it here as much as I do.”

Rosemary told us her favorite story from working at the community was when a 97-year-old resident asked Rosemary to tell the Engage Life Director to bring heavier weights to a workout class. “The resident gives great advice on dieting and exercise and insisted on the heavier weights because she wants to build muscle and get more toned.” Rosemary laughed as she told us, “I have too many fun memories with residents, so it’s hard to pick just one!”

A One-Year Anniversary

After a year thriving in her position, Rosemary says she couldn’t be any happier. “I look forward to coming to work every day. Atria is more than just a job to me − it’s like a second family. I can’t wait to continue to grow with Atria and celebrate more wonderful anniversaries.” We also can’t wait to see where the future takes Rosemary on her journey.

She hopes that by working with Atria she will gain valuable experience for her future nursing career, as well as being able to save some money and use the tuition reimbursement program to further herself. As well as assistance with schooling, full-time Atria employees receive competitive pay, paid holidays and time off, comprehensive health plans, retirement savings with an employer match and a loyalty rewards program. “If a friend of mine was looking at getting a job here, I would tell them how much I love working here, and how it’s a life-changing experience. There is no place like Atria with their benefits, full of growth and opportunity.”

If you’re looking for a place to grow, learn and share with others, look at open positions on atriacareers.com.