Atria residents and staff alike are celebrating their contribution to bringing normalcy back to communities and beyond as vaccine clinics continue.  As of this writing, every Atria community in the U.S. has completed their first clinic and has either completed or scheduled their second clinic; 95 percent of communities have their third clinic scheduled.

Last December, Atria Chairman and CEO John Moore announced a vaccination mandate for all residents and staff.

Atria’s number one priority is safety, therefore stringent COVID-19 safety protocols will remain intact until everyone in communities is fully vaccinated.

“We continue to hear from residents and employees who say they feel it’s their patriotic duty to get the vaccine,” said Moore.

Beyond a strong sense of duty, those within communities are expressing their gratitude for having been among the first to receive the vaccine.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s so wonderful to live in a community that provided the shot to us,” said Sharell, a resident at Atria Copeland in Texas. “I feel safe knowing I can soon get out and be around people.”

In communities, people are beginning to feel the positive impact of the vaccine as each day goes by.

“Everyone is much happier now because a change is coming. Residents are starting to gather and visit with each other again,” said Lachaka Johnson, Engage Life Director at Atria Copeland. “I can’t wait to get with residents and play Skip-Bo and poker, and go for a joyride throughout the community, especially since spring is right around the corner. I’m ready to plan a movie night with concession stand favorites. I’m ready to get back to doing group exercise and paint and sip parties.”

Plans are currently underway to resume group gatherings.

“We talk more about what we want for our future and less about how things are currently,” said Ria Enore, Engage Life Director at Atria Willow Park in Texas. “I come to work and go home knowing we’re gearing up for a brighter future for everyone, and that in itself is absolutely encouraging.”

After a year of creating safe ways to keep residents happy, connected, active and engaged, Atria is elated to see communities slowly bring them together, in-person, with their friends and family.

“I am relieved because we are on our way to do the things we love to do,” said Mary, a resident at Atria Springdale in Kentucky.

As final vaccination clinics are set to be completed, the last two months have proven that Team Atria is prepared to navigate even the most unexpected events in order to keep everyone safely connected.