For our residents to thrive in their homes, our employees must also thrive in their work. At Atria, we believe you can’t have one without the other.

This belief is key to Atria’s Employee Value Proposition – the promises we make to those who give their time and talent to support our communities each day. To help cultivate the open, vibrant and collaborative work environment we strive for, all employees are asked to participate in an Employee Engagement Survey twice each year.

The survey provides a roadmap for how we grow and improve as a company.

“Very deliberately, we designed the survey to measure employee engagement as opposed to employee satisfaction. It’s a slight but important distinction,” says Sarah Pitt, Atria’s Vice President of Recruitment and Engagement. “Engagement means being actively invested in the workplace. It means being excited about the work. It means a company culture you’d enthusiastically ask a friend to join.”

The most recent Employee Engagement Survey took place in April 2023. While the process of acting upon the feedback is ongoing, some of the initial findings are as follows:

  • 86% of employees were made to feel welcome when joining the company
  • 84% of employees feel they make a difference
  • 84% of employees feel good about the ways they contribute to their community
  • 83% of employees feel a sense of pride when they look at what they accomplish
  • 76% of employees say Atria is a great place to work

Based on these results, the Great Place to Work Institute and Activated Insights have certified the Atria family of brands as a Great Place to Work®. This honor is based on overall survey results and extends to 292 communities.

The recognition is especially meaningful because of what it represents – employees taking pride in their work, enjoying the people they work with and being fully aware of the difference they make in people’s lives.

As we incorporate the constructive feedback into our company culture, the groundwork for the next Employee Engagement Survey in September is already being laid.

“Engagement also means ongoing,” Pitt says. “Here, we have a continuous, collaborative process of improvement. We’re proud of where we are, but we’re even more excited about where we’re going.”