Recently, a visitor stopped by Lyn Eyler’s office just after lunch. “Thank you for repairing the earrings!” said Rolly, an Atria Newport Beach resident. “I gave them to her yesterday and she loved them.”

Lyn is the Engage Life Director at the senior living community. The week before, she helped Rolly fix some earrings he made for his girlfriend at a jewelry-making class held at the community. Soon, Lyn tells him, they’ll have the chance to make bracelets too – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Finding Her Calling in Senior Living

Supporting residents like Rolly is what inspires Lyn each day. Her career in senior living, however, started somewhat accidentally.

After a period of being a stay-at-home mom, Lyn applied for a position at what she thought was a new hotel near her home. The building was actually a new retirement community, but Lyn submitted an application, nevertheless. With an extensive background in hospitality, she was hired even before returning home from the interview.

As the community grew, Lyn jumped at the opportunity to help with scheduling events and daily programming. She was soon coordinating enriching activities for independent and assisted living residents and became enamored with the process.

“I love engaging one-on-one with the residents,” Lyn said. “They all have amazing individual stories. It’s incredible how much has changed in their lifetime.”

A New Chapter at Atria Senior Living

Lyn moved to Southern California in August of 2020, eager to continue a career in senior living. After reading employee testimonials from the new Atria Newport Beach community, she knew it was where she wanted to be.

“Atria offers something that no other company can offer,” Lyn said. “I’ve worked at hotels and other senior living communities, but Atria goes above and beyond for their employees. And you will feel it the minute you walk in the door. You walk in the door and feel that family.”

Lyn joined the team at Atria Newport Beach as a concierge, but with experience in resident programming, she quickly found herself on the Engage Life® team. Within six months, Lyn was promoted to Engage Life Director.

In this role, Lyn orchestrates the daily activities that shape life at Atria Newport Beach. Each day starts with fitness classes to get everyone up and moving. Residents discuss the latest title at book club meetings and rehearse songs for the next choir performance.

“Every month we have a theme and build our programming around that,” Lyn said. “Atria offers popular programs, like our walking challenge, that help residents stay happy, healthy, and motivated.”

The residents Lyn works with have shaped her personally. She keeps pictures of them on her desk, and pieces of artwork they’ve given her adorn her home.

“Working with residents has changed my life,” Lyn said. “It’s furthered the compassion and empathy I live by. Even with offering small things like holding doors, helping seniors out of their cars, or reaching something at the grocery, I just always have to lend a helping hand.”