Approximately 53 million Americans act as caregivers to their own families and friends – and sometimes for multiple people at once. Professional caregivers, too, often tend to a range of individuals, in medical and non-medical fields, in homes or in assisted living communities. Caregivers are also some of the most vital employees at Atria, and we employ them in a variety of positions: nurses, medical technicians, Resident Services Directors, to name a few. The jobs for caregivers at Atria come with a number of benefits. Read on for just a few of them. 

Flexible scheduling

At Atria, we recognize that caregiving doesn’t have set hours – it’s a 24/7 responsibility. That’s why our model of caregiver hiring incorporates options to choose different shifts depending on the caregivers’ schedules. They may be raising their kids, furthering their education, or caring for their own friends and parents outside of work. We make sure to hire enough caregivers in various roles to cover each other if they need to rearrange their schedules.  

Job security

Every day in the United States, 10,000 people turn 65 years old, and the trend toward an older national population shows no signs of slowing down – and reflects the importance of caregiver roles now and in the future. Caregiving is one skill technology can’t outsource or replace. Rather, technology is becoming more important than ever in senior living jobs, and helps the many caregivers we hire be successful at their jobs. 

A career launching-pad

Because of the trend in demographics, many retirement experts now consider senior living to be an environment that fosters skills applicable to a range of other fields. Many caregivers choose to enroll in nursing school or to become Certified Nursing Assistants. They’re trained in industry-leading, resident-centric technologies, gain experience in supervisory roles, and make the connections they need to navigate the next phases of their careers with the help of a supportive network. 

Fulfilling work

The caregivers we hire tend to be professionals who love helping others. They enjoy getting to know residents one on one. They like learning about residents’ families and their stories and experiences. Caregivers understand residents’ schedules, preferences, and interests, which helps them anticipate residents’ needs – and helps foster an environment where they can come to work happy to see familiar faces and ready to learn something new.   

Work for a place that cares

Residents appreciate caregivers because of the support they provide – and we know, in turn, how important it is to support our caregivers. We consider them to be experts in their fields – upholding our commitment to providing the best care for the world’s wisest people. 

In many ways, the trust residents and their families place in Atria is founded upon the consistent care we provide. That’s just one of the reasons we hire qualified caregivers who want to work for a company that appreciates them. Get in touch to find out more about our jobs for caregivers – and discover all the benefits of joining the Atria family. 

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