When Nina Nakhiengchanh started a new position as a caregiver at Atria Del Sol, she wasn’t certain it was the right fit.

Medical care suited her – she knew that – but the community environment seemed daunting, and she was still new to serving older adults.

Her hesitancy, however, didn’t last long.

“Just within the first weeks I knew this was right,” she says. “I was my happiest at work; it was the only place I wanted to be. Right away, I absorbed everything I could.”

Nakhiengchanh credits her coworkers and supervisor for fostering an environment conducive to growth. And growing is exactly what Nina’s done.

Energized by working with residents, she received a promotion to Medical Technician after a year at the community – a vital role coordinating resident medications.

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“My experience as a Med Tech was my ‘Aha!’ moment,” Nakhiengchanh says. “My mentality shifted, and I knew I was on a path towards a true career. I wanted to learn more, so I decided to pursue my LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) license.”

She continued her upward trajectory six months later, assuming the position of Resident Services Coordinator, where she liaised with physicians, pharmacies, and families to manage resident charts, appointment books, and assessments.

Again, Nina thrived in her role and developed strong, trusting relationships with the residents she served.

This fall, she received another promotion, this time to Resident Services Director, where she oversees the daily care operations of Atria Del Sol.

“At Atria, I’ve benefited from a wonderful team and an Executive Director who sees the best in people. I’ve been encouraged to grow and to challenge myself at every step.”

Today, what she loves about her new leadership role is identical to when she first began.

“It’s still all about the residents,” Nakhiengchanh says. “Building trusting relationships and creating a support network for them. It’s a great feeling. I’m going to do the best that I can, continue to serve residents, and see where it takes me.”

If history is a guide, it’ll be far.