Atria is always hiring people who are passionate about creating vibrant environments. Dori Redman, Digital Innovation Director at Atria Newport Beach in California loves her community. Here’s a day in her life on the job, in her own words.

Happy greetings to start the day

It’s 9 am when I arrive at Atria Newport Beach. I exchange a happy greeting with the valet at the entrance and step into the sunlit lobby. Heading to my workstation, I open my laptop to check my schedule. On my list for the day is to check with three residents who recently moved in, welcome a new resident who is moving in today, and test four reserved apartments for rent readiness.

Leaving my workstation, I make sure to pass through Vasco’s Restaurant and wish a good morning to the residents enjoying breakfast together at the socially distanced table settings. I then head upstairs to the second-floor apartment of Mrs. V. to check on how she is doing with using the technology features in her apartment: the automated window shades, lighting and smart thermostat, and the remote that controls them all.

We spend a few minutes chatting about her successes. She mentions wanting to have the window shade only partially lowered, so I demonstrate how to press the switch a few times until it reaches the level she likes.

“Ah, yes, I remember that now. That is good, thank you,” she says, laughing. I assure Mrs. V. that I am happy to stop by anytime.

Warm welcomes

Back down on the first floor, as I pass by the glass doors and windows along the interior courtyard, I notice a couple of residents out enjoying the sunny morning. I wave as they head past me. I then receive a text that the new resident, Mrs. B., has arrived. I pick up a bag with a Resident Technology Guide and wearable wristband – activated and programmed to her apartment’s door lock – and head out to meet at the apartment with directors and staff for a warm ribbon-cutting welcome.

Cheerful music plays and we all applaud as Mrs. B. makes her way down the hallway, escorted by her daughter and our Executive Director. Mrs. B. is beaming and expresses her appreciation to us all. We present her with the wearable bracelet and demonstrate how to press it for assistance, how to hear the time and date announced, and how to unlock her apartment door. I ask if the room is a comfortable temperature and if she would like the window shades adjusted before I leave.

“Another beautiful day in paradise”

After lunch, I take a few minutes to visit the four reserved apartments, testing all the technology functions to ensure everything is working well. I troubleshoot and resolve a minor issue with a wall switch. Everything is now perfect.

The rest of the afternoon I spend with the remaining two residents who recently moved in, Mrs. Y. and Mrs. F. Together, we review all the apartment technology, I answer questions and we chat about their experiences so far at Atria Newport Beach. “Everyone has been so wonderful,” Mrs. Y. comments.

Back at my workspace, I reflect on each resident with whom I interacted and make a couple of notes for things to improve or try differently. I clear off my workspace, gather up my personal items and head out, saying good night to any residents and staff I see along the way. “Another beautiful day in paradise,” quips our maintenance technician, smiling as we head out of the community.

I couldn’t agree more.