Amber Jung’s love of cooking started at an early age. “My grandma always had me in the kitchen and was always teaching me things. I was drawn to the atmosphere of being with my family and laughing and joking while we were cooking.”

It is a passion that drives her work today as a Director of Culinary Services at Atria Highland Crossing where she works with the culinary team to create delicious meals for residents. “I like knowing that I am impacting the residents’ lives in a positive way. Getting their input on dishes and showing them that their opinions matter.”

An Opportunity to Grow

Amber’s journey with Atria started when she started as a Server and has included a steady flow of promotions. She has held the title of Cook, Restaurant Coordinator, and Bistro Manager at the Atria Support Center before landing where she is today.

After high school Amber took several culinary courses, but she credits much of her kitchen craft to her time at Atria. “I was able to come in as a 19-year-old kid who really didn’t have a whole lot of skill, to being where I am now because of the people who were willing to teach me and take the time to give me a shot. They saw potential in me.”

After learning from some of Atria’s top chefs, she hopes to inspire and train others. “I now have the confidence and the skill to be a good leader and an opportunity to pay it forward with my employees.”

A Mission to Get Behind

While Amber loves getting to cook from scratch and make delicious food at Atria, she says there is something else that fuels her passion for her job. “It is knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life. It’s seeing the smile on our residents’ faces as they tell you how much they enjoyed the food.”

It is the special bond with residents that makes her feel lucky to work at Atria. “If I’m gone on vacation for a week, they tell me that they miss me and they are glad I’m back. You become part of their family. And they’re happy to know that there is somebody who cares about them and about the food they eat.”

It’s one of the many things Amber says sets working culinary at a senior living community apart from a more traditional restaurant experience.

A Place for You

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