Madonna and Justin Insogna are a mother and son duo who work at Atria Longmont in Colorado. They exemplify the warmth and support of what we mean by “the Atria family.”

Madonna has been a Resident Services Assistant at Atria Longmont for more than nine years, assisting residents with their daily needs. When Justin was looking for work as a 22-year-old entering the job market, Madonna recommended him for a position as a member of the waitstaff at the community.

Since then, Justin has worked as an Administrative Assistant and as a Receptionist. Most recently, he was a recipient of the 2021 Exceptional Service Award (or ESA), which recognizes community employees who provide outstanding service to Atria residents.

Crossing paths

A typical workday for Justin starts around 10 am, when he works in the business office – organizing filing, onboarding hires and preparing new leases. Around 4 pm, he transitions over to the front desk, a position that he enjoys.

“We’re pretty much the face of the community, so I try to be friendly and outgoing with the families,” Justin said. “Everyone’s friendly, and they share stories with us, which I enjoy hearing.”

A typical workday for Madonna, meanwhile, starts earlier, at 6 am, and while her shift wraps up at 2 pm, she looks forward to those moments when she and Justin cross paths.

“He doesn’t live at home with me anymore, so that’s what I like – seeing him and talking to him,” Madonna said. “It lights up my day when I get to see him.”

ESA winner 2021

Another responsibility Justin handles is helping residents with technical issues – generally, fixing minor problems with their TVs or computers. Justin earned a reputation as being reliable and got so much praise from residents and their families that the Executive Director of Atria Longmont nominated him for an ESA, which, Justin says, “is all about going above and beyond your job title.”

“He was so happy when he was selected, and of course he didn’t expect it, but I heard a lot of compliments about him from the residents and from his coworkers, and it makes me proud,” Madonna said. “He’s very good, very nice, and he helps out a lot.”

Following a career path

Justin has been at Atria Longmont since 2016, and he plans to use all the knowledge he’s soaked up from his time there to continue advancing his career within the Atria family.

“I want to continue to work in senior living because we get to know the people we serve,” he said. “We learn their stories, and that makes really strong connections.”

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