Mildred Bryant knew she wanted a job where she could help people. After 14 years of working at Atria Woodlands in New York, she found a perfect fit. As a Resident Services Assistant, she helps older adults live a vibrant and exciting chapter in their lives.  

It’s work that makes a difference just ask Vincent, a resident at Atria Woodlands who recently wrote a letter commending Mildred. “When I first got here, I couldn’t walk, stand up or sit down, or get in or out of bed. In just one week’s time, Mildred has gotten me to do all these things, and I feel like I’m improving every day,” Vincent said. 

Mildred was initially surprised to get a letter, but when she saw the apartment number listed, she knew exactly what it was about. She was committed to helping Vincent from the moment he entered the community. “When he told me his situation, I said, ‘You’ll be OK,’”  Mildred said. Knowing she helps her residents in such a personal way makes her proud of the work she does. “It motivates me.”  

Daniele Shapiro, Resident Services Director at Atria Woodlands, often receives emails from grateful residents and family members, but she knew the letter from Vincent was special.  “Mildred just really connected with him,” she said.  

Mildred is one of the many dedicated care staff at Atria Woodlands. “One of the first things I noticed when I started here was how amazing the staff are, always willing to do the extra bit to make somebody feel comfortable and safe,” Daniele said. “Sometimes they just find that connection and they can build on it, and then you can help somebody get to the next level. Encourage them to go to their therapy. Encourage them to go down to meals to socialize with people. It’s all about getting them to be a vibrant member of the community.”  

Working at Atria means you get to be part of your residents’ journeys, and just like Mildred, leave work knowing you’ve made a difference. Find your meaningful career today at